Cement Silos and Feeding Systems


Cement Silos


Cement silos are used for storing cement. Common applications are cement plants, concrete plants, construction chemical plants, and gypsum plants. On request, silos can be 50 -75-100-150-250-500 tons. Silos can be divided into two main classes of welded and bolted type. Silos are bolted (disassembled), which provide great savings during transportation. Production meets ISO and CE standards.

Dispatch System

(Easy Loading System

This is the system used to send cement contained in bags to silos. The cement is transferred to silos. Silos are used in areas where there is no cement plant or it is far away.


Tank capacity 10,000 kg

Time of shipment: 40 000 kg/h.

Dispatch System

(Easy Loading System

Designed for loading 1 ton or smaller bag of cement into a concrete plant.

Capacity: 60,000 kg / h or 90,000 kg / h

Hopper capacity: 1250 kg

Delivery system. Easy loading system.

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