Qu'est-ce qu'une centrale à béton compacte, Pourquoi les centrales à béton compactes sont-elles préférées, Quelles sont les caractéristiques de,  la centrale à béton compacte, Avantages des centrales à béton compactes

What is a compact concrete batching plant?

Concrete manufacturers pay special attention to the use of concrete plants for the implementation of their projects, creating fast, reliable and high-quality solutions. A compact concrete batching plant comes to the fore in many conditions. The answer is quite simple, the concrete batching plant combines the important characteristics of mobile concrete batching plants and stationary concrete batching plants, making it a multi-purpose concrete batching plant, this equipment is a compact concrete batching plant . Our machine combines with the high efficiency of stationary concrete batching plants and with mobile concrete batching plants in easy transport and transportation.



Compact concrete batching plant is one of the types of the machines actively used in the production of concrete. Concrete is produced by mixing materials such as gravel, crushed stone, cement, and water in the production of concrete. Compact concrete batching plant that we produce at Conmach plants usually consists of  aggregate bunker,  weight conveyor,  mixer feeding belt,  aggregate bucket,  cement silo,  cement screw,  mixer, and  automation system. It is easy to transport, and it starts producing concrete on the construction site in a short time.

What are the characteristics of compact concrete batching plant?

Advantages of compact concrete batching plants

  • Production of concrete with a reasonable price policy

  • In the production of concrete; no transport costs

  • In the production of concrete; saving time

  • In the production of concrete; monitoring the cost, efficiency

  • In concrete production; first-hand quality control

  • In the production of concrete; increase in the profit of the manufacturer

Why are compact concrete batching plants preferred?

Construction firms choose several features in the equipment that they prefer in their projects. Compact concrete batching plant has the characteristics that construction companies prefer. In the first place among them is the production of concrete without much cost. Compact concrete batching plant that we produce in our factory located in Tekirdag can be delivered by land and by sea. The installation and start-up of the machine is carried out on-site by Conmach engineers and technicians. During the installation phase, there is no need for a crane and a concrete foundation.

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