MOB-30 Concrete Mobile Batchking plants

What is a mobile concrete batching plant?


Mobile concrete batching plant has precise weighing and high mixing technology. The concrete used today in construction projects is produced in this way.


Mobile concrete batching plant weighs the components, such as the inert materials, cement and water that make up the concrete, in accordance with the standards, forming a high-quality product.

Mobile concrete batching plant differs from the stationary concrete plant in engineering works in the field of science and technology. Many construction firms want to produce their own concrete to speed up design work. The growing demand for concrete, the inability to complete projects in a timely manner, led to the search for alternatives within the industry.


Mobile concrete batching plant, which can be used in various projects mobile, easy to move and install, designed to serve the construction industry.

Mobile concrete batching plant is designed on a mobile chassis. It has an axle and wheels, has all the functions that should be present in a concrete plant. The installation, which was designed specifically for the mobile type, is towed by a truck and sent to the desired location, the construction site.


Mobile concrete batching plant is preferred by construction companies. It is used to serve a specific project. We have individual design works, from which you can also choose the model that suits you.

What are the advantages of mobile concrete batching plant?

  • Mobile concrete batching plant is easy to transport.

  • Easy installation and assembly.

  • Saves space and time.

  • Installation is carried out on flat ground on the construction site.

  • Less concrete foundation is required in the installation installation.

Features of mobile concrete batching plants


CONMACH mobile concrete batching plant; supplied to the customer with all equipments for quick installation and start-up. On the main chassis there is a hopper, an aggregate weighing conveyor, a scale for cement, a scale for water, a mixer for additives. Main chassis has a computerized control cabin. When transporting a mobile concrete batching plant, the control cabin is placed in a convenient position for transportation. The axle and wheels are attached to the rear of the main chassis. Machine is transported by a tow truck attached to a pin located in the front of the truck.




Mobile concrete batching plant is sized to meet highway standards. It is delivered to the intercontinental countries by special permission. Sea transportation is easier and more convenient for transportation. Other units that complement the mobile concrete batching plant are  cement silo,  screw conveyor,  silo filter, and  pre-feed unit for inert materials. Mobile concrete batching plant's aggregate bunker can be single, double, triple, or four-bay, depending on the use case.

Concrete Plants Capacity Table

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