Concrete Mixer


CONMACH machine with  stationary concrete batching plant and concrete mixer continues to serve its customers

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Planetary Mixer


It is preferable in the production of precast concrete.  Conmach concrete mixer is designed and manufactured with quality and craftsmanship.  Planetary type concrete mixer has excellent performance, which can work for a long time. Works with very low water and humidity levels.


Preferred areas for operation are construction sites, which mainly produce blocks and paving stones, concrete block making machines, concrete pipes machines, concrete manhole machines.


With the help of mixing blades, it forms a homogeneous concrete. The planetary type concrete mixer is very easy to maintain and repair, this is because the electric motor and gearbox are located above the mixer.

Planetary type concrete mixer has excellent performance, which can work for a long time. Works with very low water and humidity levels.

Pan Mixer


Known for its high performance, pan mixer is notable for its low cost. Concrete pan mixers designed with Conmach quality are delivered to concrete manufacturers all over the world.


Concrete pan mixer is one of the equipment in the Conmach list, easy maintenance and repair, production of high-quality homogeneous concrete with a dense mixture, wear-resistant sheets of  Hardox class are particularly important characteristics of Conmach concrete pan mixer.


Single Shaft Mixer


Concrete mixer is designed by Conmach engineers and is preferred in quality. It has a single or double motor depending on the capacity, creates a drive using a gearbox.

Concrete mixer continues production by reducing power in the event of engine and gear failures. Bearing problems are minimal and the bearings are durable, thanks to an automatic lubrication system that makes concrete unloading hydraulic or pneumatic, and allows you to open the lid even when the power is turned off. Installation work with a fixed walking platform is carried out in a short time.

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Twin shaft Mixer


Designed by Conmach engineers and manufactured in factory facilities. The steel outer housing is made to meet the heavy duty conditions.


Hardox material is used as an internal wear-resistant sheet. It has the ability to perform mixing in a short time, easy maintenance and affordable repairs.


The automatic lubrication system is one of the features of twin shaft concrete mixer, which can be installed in mobile concrete plants. It has two or more drain caps according to the design.