Automatic batching is carried out by computer control, which allows you to produce ready-made concrete by remote control. Concrete mix formulas are loaded into the system according to different needs. A rubber conveyor belt moves the inert material to a feed unit installed on the construction site, instead of transporting it to a hopper. This contributes to 70% fuel economy. Cement, inert materials, additives, water, etc. the ingredients that form the formula of the mixture, after selecting the command, are mixed in the appropriate proportions, passing through an automatic weighing system. This content is then mixed on an aggregate tape and delivered to the mixer. The cement is stored in a cement silo.


By adding water to the mix, the additive, the final ingredient, is mixed in small bins, transported to planetary mixers, and unloaded into water bins where they are mixed. Mixing takes place by collecting all the components in a planetary mixer, and the finished mixes are fed to the transmixer. The concrete plant operator monitors the computer control system. After automatic production, the operator views the output on the computer. This output is a technical document showing the compliance of the produced concrete with the concrete that the customer ordered.



The most important element of the production of ready-made concrete is the production based on automatic dosing, which occurs with the help of a dosing complex. The automation system also has other functions - production report, monitoring, order management, process monitoring , production planning, inventory control tracking, scales, transmixer monitoring, and quality control laboratory reporting.