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Niger Journey of Concrete Batching Plant

Niger is a landlocked country. It is located in the west of the African continent. It is named after the Niger, an African river. The developing industry in the country has accelerated the construction sector, and construction, construction machinery and equipment have come to the fore. Nigerien construction company purchased MOB-30 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant from our company in order to meet the ready-mixed concrete needs of its customers and to provide mobility services. The manufacturing works carried out in the Conmach factory building prepared the Concrete Plant for the Journey to Niger. The Niger journey of the machine, which was shipped from our factory building to the Istanbul Ambarlı port in a container, will continue until the West African ports. The concrete plant, which will be transferred to trucks from here, will be delivered to our customer in Niamey, the capital city of Niger.

Precision Weighing, Quality Production

Our customer said that he preferred the Mobile Concrete Plant to use it in small-scale projects. “I can move it to wherever I want in new projects, there is no problem in transportation, there are no time-wasting factors such as installation and assembly." said. The capacity of MOB-30 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is between 30 m³ / h and 150 m³ / h. Precise weighing and high mixing technology are the features that attract the attention of ready-mixed concrete producers. Additives such as water, cement and aggregate, which are concrete components, are weighed in a precision weighing scale according to concrete standards, and quality ready-mixed concrete is produced.


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