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Concrete batching plant was sent to Benin Cotonou port.

A construction company in Benin, an African country, purchased the MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant manufactured by Conmach and this mobile concrete batching plant was sent to them. Conmach company sent the MOB-30 model mobile concrete batching plant with all its equipment from Istanbul Ambarlı Port to Benin's Cotonou port. Concrete plant plays an important role in construction projects, and with the increase of infrastructure development projects, especially in Africa, construction companies are showing an increasing demand for this type of equipment.

The preferred brand in construction projects

Conmach is a company that manufactures various equipment used in the construction industry. They manufacture many different types of construction equipment, including mobile concrete plants. Mobile concrete batching plants are portable equipment used for concrete production and they are generally used for concrete making at construction sites. Conmach's MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant is often preferred in construction projects due to its portability and high production capacity.

MOB-30 mobile concrete batching plant features

Some features of the Conmach MOB-30 model mobile concrete batching plant shipped to Benin are as follows:

• Capacity to produce 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour

• High quality concrete production with double shaft mixer system

• 4 bunkers with hydraulically opening and closing aggregates

• Sensitive load cell system for weighing aggregates

• Precise measuring systems for water weighing

• Automatic PLC control system

• Double axle trailer chassis for compact design and easy portability

• Low energy consumption and low maintenance costs

The Conmach MOB-30 model mobile concrete batching plant is frequently preferred in the construction industry with its high production capacity, high quality concrete production, precision measuring systems and automatic control system. In addition, thanks to its portability, it can be easily transported from the construction site to the construction site and installed quickly.

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