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Conmach-fresh wind of Ethiopia

Our company, which took part in the Ethiopian fair in Addis Ababa for the second time this year, has become a breath of fresh wind in Ethiopia. Speeding up the production process to participate in the fair, CONMACH Machinery completed the work required to open a stand at the Ethiopian fair.

Conmach's purchasing and advertising marketing divisions participated in the work carried out last year, and this year the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CONMACH, Mehmet Oflaz, also participated.

CONMACH, which made a big step for the company's development at the 2018 fair, is in great anticipation of the 2019 addisbuild Ethiopian fair. An employee of the firm said. "In a global sense, there are big breakthroughs in the construction industry. With our equipment, we will change the way our visitors look at mechanical engineering at the Ethiopian fair. Perhaps our project mixers, mobile concrete plants, compact concrete plants, will allow you to see the quality and professionalism of CONMACH.

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